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Date: February 7, 2007

Time: 2:00pm EST

Webinar Host:

Dr. Watson Scott Swail, President, Educational Policy Institute, Virginia Beach, VA.

Description: This free webinar provides an introduction to student retention in postsecondary education, inclusive of two-year (community colleges), four-year (universities), and proprietary institutions. During the one-hour webinar, Dr. Watson Scott Swail, President of EPI and author of Retaining Minority Students in Higher Education, will present a framework for understanding the nexus between student's cognitive and social growth and the institution. In addition, the webinar will look at promising practices for enhancing student success on campus, especially those from low-income backgrounds or groups who are historically underserved in postsecondary education.

Excerpt from the webinar:

"Institutions have a responsibility to serve students to the highest level possible. In a sense, institutions are contracting morally and legally, to provide a reasonable chance of success for all students, regardless of background variables. We're here today to further understand these issues and find out what can be done on your campus."

To download the presentation from this webinar, CLICK HERE.

To view the webinar, CLICK HERE