EPI's weekly illustration of education data trends — September 24, 2014

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Earnings Gap by Gender for BA Graduates


The issue of income gaps by gender continues to be a sore spot not only for the 51 percent of the country that are women, but for others who find the inequity problematic. Over time, the income gap has reduced, but even in an analysis of 2007-08 bachelors degree recipients one year later, women earned only 81 percent of what men earned.

The chart below illustrates the earning gap by various career tracks. The blue bars, including health care fields, biology and physical sciences and other STEM areas, education, and humanities had no discernable income gap. In Engineering, women earned 88 percent of what men earned, and women in computer and information sciences earned 77 percent of what men earned.

Click on the graphic for a larger version.

SOURCE: American Association of University Women (2012). Graduating to a Pay Gap. Washington, DC: AAUW.