EPI's weekly illustration of education data trends — February 2, 2018

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Postsecondary Matriculation Rates for 9th Grade Students Three Years After Scheduled High School Graduation (2009-2016)


The National Center for Education Statistics released an important publication on February 1st showcasing the postsecondary behaviors of students who were initially surveyed in 9th grade (Fall 2009) and then followed several times, with the most recent follow-up in 2016. The published analysis was lead by Dr. Alexandria Walton Radford and her team at RTI International.

In total, 72 percent of 9th graders enrolled in some form of postsecondary education six years later. Females matriculated at a higher rate than men (77 vs. 68 percent), and Asian and White students enrolled at rates higher than Black and Hispanic students (88 and 76 percent vs. 65 and 68 percent, respectively).

Future EPIGraph's will look at the postsecondary experiences of these 9th grade students.


Postsecondary Matriculation Rates of 2009-10 9th-Grade Students Six Years Later (2016)

SOURCE: Radford, A.W., Fritch, L.B., Leu, K., and Duprey, M. (2018). High School Longitudinal Study of 2009 (HSLS:09) Second Follow-Up: A First Look at Fall 2009 Ninth-Graders in 2016 (NCES 2018-139). U.S. Department of Education. Washington, DC: National Center for Education Statistics. Retrieved February 2, 2018 from https://nces.ed.gov/pubsearch.