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Evaluation of the European Union Centres Programme in the Industrialized Countries
The Evaluation Partnership Limited/The European Union (2010)

In partnership with The Evaluation Partnership Limited, EPI will contribute to an international evaluation of the European Union (EU) Centres initiative. This international initiative, spanning the US, Canada, Japan, Korea, Australia, New Zealand and Singapore, aims to promote a greater understanding of the European Union, its institutions, and policies through the establishment of a network of EU Centres in universities providing information and educational activities. Currently, there are 26 EU Centres in 8 industrialized countries, including 10 in the US and 5 in Canada. The international evaluation will assess the extent to which the Centres meet their specific objectives. It also will examine the desirability/feasibility of continuing the initiative and make recommendations for possible revision of the format, including geographical spread and number of Centres in the network, type of measures, and improvements in the management and financial framework. For this evaluation, EPI will act as a local consultant in Canada and the U.S. Dr. Watson Scott Swail, EPI President, will personally lead site visits to EU Centres across the U.S. and Canada and contribute to the final evaluation report.


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