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Evaluation of the Teacher Immersion Residency Teacher Quality Partnership Grant
Old Dominion University, Norfolk, Virginia (2009-2014)

EPI serves as the external evaluator for this federally-funded grant to improve the quality of teaching in high-needs schools in southeastern Virginia. This initiative builds on successful teacher residency models that recruit candidates with undergraduate degrees in high-need content fields, immerse them in an induction program housed in an urban school, provide them mentoring and instruction founded on research, and continue to offer professional development during the early years of their careers. As part of its evaluation of this initiative, EPI assesses project outputs (e.g., program completion requirements), short-term outcomes (e.g., retention in high needs schools), and long-term outcomes (e.g., improved student achievement) using a mixed methods evaluation design that includes data collection through teacher interviews and focus groups, classroom and program observations, as well as analysis of student achievement, graduation, and personnel data.


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