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Keeping students in school is a tough job…
Make it easier with FastTrack™.

Researchers agree, student retention, and academic success are best achieved by creating a match between student characteristics and the learning environments created by institutions. In addition, effective retention programs are those that engage students in their studies by creating personalized learning opportunities and experiences.

Designed, developed, and validated over the past 15 years, the FastTrack™ software system tracks and integrates student information, such as high school grades, basic skills/aptitude test scores, academic performance, and FastTrack™ student survey data, allowing counselors, faculty, and administrators to pinpoint what individual students need to persist and succeed.

Additional information on FastTrack™ is provided below. For sales information, Please contact info@educationalpolicy for more information.

Click the image to view the sample report.Click here to see the screen shot of PEI Academic Report

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