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GEAR UP data management made easy

EPI has developed its own longitudinal data management system—the EPI Data Analysis System, or EPI-DAS—for use with GEAR UP partnership and state projects. EPI-DAS is a versatile system that facilitates data collection, descriptive analysis, and reporting. This web-based tool allows for easy data entry and access by project administrators and other key stakeholders. The system automatically prepares data for reporting (the APR) as required by the U.S. Department of Education, and also allows for further analysis of data for in-depth evaluation. The system can also be utilized for long-term benchmarking, comparative analysis, and/or gap-closing analysis.

The EPI system not only collects and prepares data for APR uses, but also helps the client assesses their implementation and progress toward prior stated goals. In addition, the system will also allow for a counter-factual comparison (i.e., comparison group) to determine the impact of GEAR UP on students. To support this effort, EPI provides online training and helpdesk service for GEAR UP and school-level staff.



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